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The Story of Weyla
Gently floating down the river able to do nothing but lay there, the baby girl looked at the sky and saw the moon begin to rise. Hours had passed since she was sent on this journey and she simply waved around her mother’s earing as she waited for… something. Anything really. Hours passed and eventually the sun came up again. The child slept in her basket but was starving as well. She hadn’t eaten in a day and being so young, she needed something. Far at the end of the river was a small waterfall that splashed down into a lake and at this lake was a beast. A beast unlike any you’ve seen before with brown fur and large deer like antlers. They had green eyes and held the form of a wolf with beautiful green designs running up its body all the way to its muzzle. It took a few more sips of water before noticing the basket.
“How strange,” the creature said to itself as it stepped onto the water and walked over to the basket. The lake was deep but when the c
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Mature content
The Golden Son Chapter 4 :iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 0 0
The Golden Son Chapter 3
Thanks to the courtesy of his guide Symdus had finally left the grounds of his precious homeland to the desert seas of the infinite pass. The desert that surrounded Jerrika was dangerous to all who weren’t Jerrik and was even dangerous to them. The intense heat could kill a person who was not prepared and the dangerous sand serpent that circled Jerrika ruthlessly devoured all whom it felt didn’t belong. But the worst part was the land he was going to now. The Red Desert. Symdus rode on the back of the Sakl beast, the body of a lizard with black scales, the eyes of a cat, and a large bulge at its neck to store water, and he trudged through the desert for what felt like hours. The heat of the sun was relentless and painful, and with Symdus having a black pelt, it was even hotter for him, nearly setting his pelt on fire. He decided to, despite how embarrassing it might be to you he was perfectly okay with it, remove all of his armor and clothes and travel the rest of the way n
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The Golden Son Chapter 2
Symdus trained for months with Nis as his trainer, constantly pushing him past whatever limits he thought there were and made sure he was as strong as he possibly could be. Before long he was actually able to beat Nis and many other highly trained guards in the palace. He was ready. There were just a few things he needed to do before going on his quest. When training had ended, he walked to his room and had begun to dress himself in armor, nothing too hard or heavy as the intense heat would kill him but it was enough to survive a few blows. Nakia walked into the room and saw Symdus dressed in his marvelous armor and gasped. Tears of both joy and sadness formed in her eyes as she slowly walked up to her son.
“You remind me so much of your father when I first saw him leave into the desert. I remember worrying about him every day he left, terrified that he wouldn't return.” Her breath was shaky and she touched her son’s cheek as if it was a snowflake, delicately stroking
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Mature content
The Golden Son Chapter 1 :iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 0 0
My Hope
My hope is my dream
That with time I'll know what I want to be
Cause when know what I want to be
My dreams can be made a reality
And hopefully you all can see
That my thoughts are as deep
As the seven seas
For I think that what is necessary
Is to realize we are more alike
Than you believe
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Brought to you by Rose Fujishiro :iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 2 2 Precious Night :iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 9 4
Tales Of Mysteria: The Sea Goddess
The times were cold and bitter. The world was brittle and dying and the Gods… The Gods were cruel. They regularly attacked, enslaved and plagued the mortals with any type of suffering their saw fit. They could end the world at the drop of a hat though so no mortal dared speak against them. But this was one of the times someone did. Far on the coast of human lands, on the docks of a city called Harowick was a woman and a massive crew of warriors packing several ships full of supplies and materials needed for the trip they were going on. The woman’s name was Saenis and she was in charge of this expedition.
“Come men! We haven’t much time! Mareus is sure to be expecting us and the longer we take, the more time we give her to prepare!” Saenis shouted as everyone doubled their efforts. From the distance running through the crowd of onlookers came a messenger, with a scroll in hand.
“Hermion. I hope that scroll you hold brings good news,” She said pl
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My poem speaks volumes of who I am and what I know
As everything that's come to be
Everything you see
Is because of me.
My power to rebel made me who I am today.
My choice to suffer for you made fear synonymous with my name.
He who holds no power has knowledge
And knowledge is power. I know. I have it.
I was the first one to wield the flame of the Gods
And bring it down to the hopeless and lost
I fought my oppressors,the haters,
The transgressors who held me up in chains and tried to silence
My truthful outbursts yet when knowledge is given it cannot be
I did what was right and was punished because?
I was smart.
People with power hate smarts.
When I was proud, my bosses blotted out my sun with clouds
When I was caring,
They tried to break my faith that you would use my gift
For everyone's sake not just yourself.
You called for my help and I arrived.
I gave you fire
The knowledge to burn down away any strife
That men who pose as Gods try and silence until hope fades and dies.
I re
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Tales Of Mysteria: The War Goddess
Before war, Barka went to Libraes' temple and got down on one knee bowing her head and closing her eyes. She always did this before war. But instead of praying to a God of War...
"To the great and wise master of all scrolls and scholars, the great God of all that is known and unknown, I pray to you for guidance and aid in combat. You have helped me and graced me with your wisdom in battle many times before and I ask you do it once more," She said calmly. And she slowly felt an otherworldly presence surround her. A soft gust of wind circling her. The wind quickly circled her before gathering just In front of her, bringing to view a magnificent and beautiful young man, clothed in robes of light green, white and gold.
"On your feet Mortal woman," he said calmly. She stood tall and looked him right where his eyes would be. They were hidden behind a tan blindfold with a drawing of an eye right in the center that glowed faintly. He had an amazingly handsome human visage and what he wore made
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Tales Of Mysteria: The Sun Goddess
The Sun rested at the palace at the edge of the Seas, a land foreign to all but the Goddess of the Sun who every day rode the Sun chariot across the sky and gently shifted away the Stars of the heavens. But now she was resting. Her latest mortal lover lied with her as her old friend Mayus, the God of the Moon, began to fade away into the South West. She lay with beautifully woven golden covers and the soft grass beneath her being her pillow. The man wrapped his arms around the woman that lay with him and he kissed her neck.
"The Sun rises Ahki," he said softly into her ear. Ahki kept her eyes closed and pretended to still be sleeping. Kalry slowly shifted the covers down the body of the Goddess and ran his hand up her side softly. This got her attention. The delicate touch of both the cold morning air and the soft human touch of her lover felt more exciting than she thought and she let out an involuntary moan. Finally opening her eyes, the faint glow of the sun began to glide above the
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Mature content
Do Not Defy The Order Of Things :iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 0 0
Tales of Mysteria: The Rain Goddess
In a land far off from what we recognize as normal, A land foreign to the reality we live in, lays a woman in a cave, her legs crossed and her hands grasping at a silver sword thin as paper yet sharper than the greatest of blades ever made and surging with electrical energy. Torches were alight in the cave, giving a warm light to the inhabitant. Her hair is as black as the night sky with only a brief streak of white going down the side of her hair. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes to see the blissful and peaceful rain outside the cave entrance. Her eyes had a wonderfully attractive blue shine to them that seemed filled with the endless oceans of Mysteria. She heard wet footsteps coming towards her and she slowly rose to her feet. The man came into the cave soaking wet and carrying a bag full of offerings. The woman smiled slightly.
"A mortal makes his way to my cave. To what do I owe such a pleasure?" She said softly. The mortal got on his knees and laid his basket of offerin
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The Beginning Of the World
Long ago, in a plane of existence apart from our own, was the place of Emptiness. And in the emptiness were two planes of existence. The Land of Myst and the Realm of Abhorus. The Land of Myst was run by and named after a woman named Myst who was Goddess there. It was a land bustling with life and greenery and fantastic creatures and beings full of life. It was beautiful but it's true beauty was hindered by the constant fog that traveled throughout the place. The people who lived there were the Fareci, fantastic animalistic creatures that loved life and living. It was a joyous place but it's true beauty was never to be discovered.
The Realm of the Abhorus was the exact opposite. It was a constantly dead place. Fire and hatred ran rampant and the dangers of murder and killing were uncontrollable and common. Volcanos constantly erupted and the lakes were of pure red fire and lava and the inhabitants were worse. Disgusting Demons of hate and hostility were commonplace there. It was their
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Mature content
The Binding Of Fenrir :iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 0 0


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Gently floating down the river able to do nothing but lay there, the baby girl looked at the sky and saw the moon begin to rise. Hours had passed since she was sent on this journey and she simply waved around her mother’s earing as she waited for… something. Anything really. Hours passed and eventually the sun came up again. The child slept in her basket but was starving as well. She hadn’t eaten in a day and being so young, she needed something. Far at the end of the river was a small waterfall that splashed down into a lake and at this lake was a beast. A beast unlike any you’ve seen before with brown fur and large deer like antlers. They had green eyes and held the form of a wolf with beautiful green designs running up its body all the way to its muzzle. It took a few more sips of water before noticing the basket.

“How strange,” the creature said to itself as it stepped onto the water and walked over to the basket. The lake was deep but when the creature walked across it, it was as if it walked on solid earth, the water holding up the beast like it was nothing. The beast looked into the basket and noticed a small child, biting her finger and reaching out towards the beast.

“A human,” it said. The little girl touched the beast’s muzzle and laughed a little. The beast smiled and looked around.

“No other humans. I wonder where your parents are.” The beast leaned down and licked the girl’s cheek. The girl giggled and reached out towards the beast again, touching its nose and laughing. The beast laughed and grabbed the handle of the basket and walked out of the lake and further into the forest. The land was lush and was the brightest of green’s, a beautiful and life filled land that brimmed with small little creatures on the leaves of the plants, the branches of trees, the dirt on the ground, and simply floating in the air. The little girl stared into the sky and saw little balls of light fly down to her and when she looked close enough she saw the balls of light were actually little people. They smiled down at the girl and some even went down and touched her nose which made the girl giggle. The beast continued into the woods before walking into an open expanse filled with fantastical creatures and lush greenery. The beast walked past everyone and as they did, everybody bowed in front of it. Each being showed the greatest respect to the fantastic creature and soon the beast came to a small hut that housed another little creature that looked much like they did. A wolves form with deers antlers, markings on its pelt, green eyes, very beautiful honestly. The wolf beast came to the little girl and sniffed her intently, before gagging.

“Eww. She smells gross.”

“Be nice Barleef. She is but a baby.” Said the larger beast. It set the basket down and licked the girl’s head. She giggled and looked towards Barleef who walked closer and smelled her again. The little girl leaned in and touched his nose and Barleef smiled a bit.

“She’s funny looking.” Forest laughed and little.

“She is. Take care of young Weyla for me. I must go see someone.”

“‘Weyla’? You named her ‘Life’?” the little beast asked. Forest smiled and walked out of the hut.

“Don’t get into any trouble.”


Years passed and Weyla grew older, somewhere near the age of 18 or so. When she grew old enough, Forest let the girl travel outside of the boundaries of the Hearth Forest they lived in and she always took Barleef with her on adventures around the land. She was naturally curious but this lead to all kinds of problems with other magical beings around the forest and even some humans that circled the land. She was a beautiful young woman with wonderous long black hair and dark tattoo markings running along her entire body to show she was of the Weichan people. She had chestnut colored skin and brown eyes to match and all of this was capped off with a blunt and sometimes harsh attitude towards other that weren’t her family.

She and Barleef and hundreds of Mysetria’s wonderful and equally terrifying beasts all lived on the continent of Havenwood. It is a large piece of land that is said to be the closest piece of land to the Goddess Terra, the Mother of all things Earth. On the outer rims of the land near the water and in some parts of the forest rested humans who were different from the ones on the other continent of Meria. These humans were named Weichan and they worship different deities than the Merian humans. More importantly in the very center of the forest was the home of the deities known as the Hearth Forest and no humans were allowed there. Jama made the rule because she knew humans better than they knew themselves and didn’t want her true home to be destroyed.

Weyla may have been human but never identified with them having grown up in the Hearth Forest and spending little to no time with humans. The sun was rising high above the land and Weyla began to slouch on the back of her companion Barleef who purposefully jumped to wake her up. She jolted before lightly slapping the neck of Barleef who laughed.

“Sorry but I don’t want a repeat of last time where you fell off of me and landed face first onto a tree root.” Weyla rubbed her nose, remembering the pain that shot across her face so suddenly that day.

“I wasn’t asleep... Just resting my eyes.”

“That’s what sleeping is silly.”

“Whatever. Let’s forget about that. Forest might be listening and I would rather they not know about that. They would see me as a clutz.

“Which you are,” Barleef said under his breath. Weyla smacked his behind.

“Hush you!” He laughed.

“Just for that I’m telling Forest.” Weyla’s face turned red.

“You better not!”

“I want you to apologize.” Weyla frowned.


“FOREST!!!” Barleef shouted loudly. Weyla’s eyes widened in shock. “FOREST!!!” He shouted again.

“Shhhhhh! He’ll hear you!” She whispered coaresly.

“That’s the point Kale’ske,” Barleef said laughing before returning to yelling Forest’s name. Kale’ske by the way is Weichan and can be roughly translated “Dummy”. Weyla closed his muzzle shut with her hands and shushed him once more.

“Okay! Okay! I’m sorry for hitting you.” Barleef mumbled something with his mouth closed. Weyla removed her hands and he smiled.

“I said ‘Thank you’.” Weyla chuckled and hugged her companion who purred merrily before continuing through the woods.

“Ya know Forest loves to know what goes on right?”

“Yeah…” Weyla had fallen purposefully off the back of Barleef and now hung off his belly, her face nuzzled against his chest. He laughed as her warm breath tickled her. “But sometimes she cares a little too much ya know?”

“Forest is our mother.”

“And Father,” she cut in.

“We’ll go with ‘Our parent’.”

Weyla nodded. The Heart of the Forest was quite the being. Eternally subservient to the Goddess Jama and her only, they were granted amazing power and control of the forest just like the Goddess herself. Along with this, people were unsure of the gender of Forest, even Weyla and Barleef were confused on what to call him. Her. Them. They remembered when they were children receiving milk from Forest’s teat, much like a mother does for her child, however other times Forest had significantly more male anatomy and this was always a sign of confusion for them and all who cared to pay attention. They dared not ask though to avoid possibly offending Forest.

Weyla clenched the bag in her hands and sighed before hearing a loud growl.

“What? What is it? You sense something? Beasts? Bandits?” Weyla asked looking around them awaiting an ambush.

“Hunger,” Barleef said embarrassedly. Weyla laughed slightly.

“You that hungry?”

“Yes! I haven’t eaten anything today. Didn’t have the chance to. And that bag full of meat for Quetzal isn’t exactly making anything better. Could smell it clear as day since we first caught it. It smells so good!” Barleef licked his lips and began drooling before Weyla lightly tapped his head.

“Hey! Stop it. Keep your mind clear of that stuff. Can’t have you eating away our only plan.” Barleef groaned and begrudgingly marched forward. It was then that the wind began to pick up and waters began to pile up. Barleef groaned as he trudged through the damp grass and soon rain began to fall from the sky.

“Heavy Sky-water,” Barleef said.

“‘Sky water’... You mean ‘rain’?” Weyla asked.

“Eww. What a Human word. I prefer what I said.”

“What a strange creature I ride with.” Weyla smiled.

“I can say the same thing about you. And hold on a bit! When have you ever carried me?” Barleef stopped in place and looked back at Weyla who laughed.

“Are you forgetting the times I carried you in my arms like a baby when you changed form into a small puppy? Or when you wrapped around my neck as a snake? Or when you rested on my shoulder as a bid?” Barleef looked away and tried to hide his face.

“Yeah well… Yeah.” He couldn’t deny any of that. Barleef continued forward through the forest and the further he went in the denser the rain got and the deeper the waters on the ground became.

“I feel like I’m walking through a lake. This is a ton of water.” Barleef said irritated.

“Must be from all the rain. If this keeps up, the water will travel eastward and flood the human lands there.”

“What’s going through Quetzal’s head for him to keep doing this?” Weyla asked. Quetzal was a God like being of the winds in Weichan culture, capable of causing massive storms and hurricanes whenever he pleased. Many were scared of him because of this power and he would sometimes send tornadoes on groups of people who angered him. Forest told Weyla that she and Barleef needed to go and speak with the old serpent.

“Ya think he’ll listen to what we have to say?” Barleef asked.

“Not a chance.” Weyla said instantly.

“So how do we make him listen?”

“I already have a plan for that. Been working on it since we left The Hearth.” Weyla frowned as she looked up at the stormy clouds. Barleef had finally reached the end of the forest and made it to the base of a mountain which housed a cave where a massive gust of wind blasted forth at Weyla and Barleef. Barleef changed into a small snake and Weyla fell off his back and onto her backside while Barleef crawled up her leg and wrapped around her neck.

“Ugh. What the heck Barleef?”

“I’m a little scared alright! I don’t often speak with other Gods so I’m… I’m just gonna be right here and be silent.” Barleef’s voice was shaking and his tongue reached out and rubbed Weyla’s cheek. She rolled her eyes and smiled before getting up and walking inside the cave. The massive cave housed an intense wind that constantly circled the room like a miniature tornado and bothered Weyla as the closed she got to the core of mountain, the colder it got. Laughing could be heard before a massive crack of lightning shot from the sky and assaulted the ground outside. The laughing inside the cave grew as more lightning rained down from the sky. Weyla saw the large serpent in the center of the mountain and simply watched as he hissed and cackled evilly before turning to Weyla and smiled.

“Well well well… A new patron comesssss to greet me. What might your name be little one?” Weyla stared daggers at the serpent.

“My name is Meak. I come from the southernmost province of Havenwood. I have come bearing a gift of food dearest master of the 9 world winds.” Weyla pulled the captured beast from her bag and laid it down on the cave ground before smiling.

“Give me until the end of the day and I shall have this beast cooked to an exquisite taste and you may devorer it as quickly as you please and need not share with anyone.” Quetzal smiled.

“Very well. Make me ssssssomething to eat. It hasss been ssso long sssince sssomeone has appeared to gift me sacrifices. And even longer sssince a woman has done so… Truly something interesting.” Weyla felt a shiver go down her spine. She stared into the eyes of the flying feathered serpent and immediately regretted doing so as he gave a gaze of tantalizing complexity and but one thing was for sure.


Weyla spent much of the day fixing Quetzal’s food and every single second the serpent eyed her down, watching her intimately and paying attention to every single move she made. Night had fallen and the dinner was ready and the serpent was ready to devour it.

“Finally! Never have a seen a meal that seemed so fantastically perfect. Juicy meat and succulent crisp outside turnsssss my mouth into a whole new waterfall!” Quetzal licked his lips and hovered over the meat before being told to stop by Weyla.

“Wait Master! There is one more thing that I must add.” Weyla pulled a small vial off the belt around her hip and poured the contents inside over the food making it smell sweeter and the drops that fell onto the fire burn brighter. Quetzal laughed and ate the smoked meat instantly, soon spitting out the stick it was turned on. Quetzal moaned in bliss at the exquisite taste of the meat and soon spun in circles in excitement, cackling maniacally.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! I have never had a meal so delicious! So delectable! So delightful!” The storms outside seemed to grow more and more erratic and lightning struck at the outsides of the cave making Barleef a little more unhappy.

“Great, sis! Ya made him even more powerful!” He whispered in Weyla’s ear. She smiled and pet her companion.

“Hold tight, dear brother. Some things take time.” Quetzal continued to spin in circles and caused a small tornado in the cave before stopping and slowing down. He began to feel different. He felt sleepy. He laid down on the floor and looked at Weyla with eyes of admiration.

“You are truly an amazing mortal, Meak. I commend you. For that, I shall let you stay and be my servant.” Weyla forced a smile but behind her eyes were blades of fire and spears of lightning.

“I thank you master. With such a good meal, perhaps you will please stop the storms that you have cause to this land and allow the people to return?” Quetzal looked up at her with bewilderment.

“Why would I do that?”

“Well it… I mean the forests around here are now buried under the rain and nearly destroyed by hurricanes and tornadoes. If you could please-”

“I refuse.” He cut her off.

“But master-”

“Be silent lest I toss you out in the forest with the rest of the ants of Havenwood.” Weyla frowned. “Though that would be a waste of sssssuch a beautiful woman. Perhaps you can be used for other servicesssss.” His voice was just as slimy as it always was and in the end he finally fell asleep. Weyla cursed him under her breath and then Barleef changed back into his wolf - like form.

“Alright… So what now?” Weyla looked at her companion with a great smile on her face.

“We have a God of the Winds here right in front of us sleeping so hard that an earthquake won’t wake him up. We can do a great many things,” she said as her smile turned malicious. Barleef raised an eyebrow. Weyla rolled her eyes and ruffled the hair on his head.

“You are clueless sometimes ya know that?” She tended to the fire she used to cook the meat and began to make something. Barleef meanwhile payed more attention to the sleeping serpent and the jewel that adorned his neck. It glowed with a faded blue color and had the design of what looked like a tornado on it. With every breath Quetzal made, the jewel breathed with a life of its own. A few hours passed and Barleef looked over Weyla’s shoulder to see that she had made a near perfect replica of the jewel around Quetzal’s neck. It was then that the plan struck him.

“Ohhhhh. Now I get what we’re doing.” Weyla smiled and scratched under his neck before getting up and handing him the necklace.

“Now it’s time for you to do something.” Barleef’s eyes widened and he looked at the naecklace in disbelief, his eyes like two silver moons colliding and his tail curled between his legs.

“Ya mean… You want me to… put the… on the… and take the.,. Off of the… NO!” He shouted before Weyla shushed him.

“Oh. Sorry. No!” He whispered. “There is no way I’m doing that!”


“No! You can do it! You made the stupid thing!”

“K’wenden Ah’k tu mej’ak butan?” Weyla said with a smug smile. Barleef growled.

“Take that back,” he said digging his claws into the earth. For those who don’t speak Weichan, Weyla just said the equivalent of “When did you become such a butan?”. Butan is a vulgar way of saying cat. She essentially called her brother a pussy.

“Why should I?”

“Because I am not a butan!”

“You could have fooled me. Tail between your legs, ears flattened on your head, shrinking back away from Quetzal in fear-”

“I am afraid of nothing!” He said sharply.

“A lot of false bravery coming from a boy whose every move truly shows how scared he is,” Weyla said in a mocking tone. Barleef growled again and barked.

“Fine! I’ll do it! Just to prove to you that I am afraid of nothing!” Weyla smirked as Barleef transformed into a snake and took the replica necklace from her hand and slithered away to the sleeping body of Quetzal. The rise and fall of beasts chest sent shivers down Barleef’s spine. Being so close to a divine being that wasn’t Forest was very… scary. Barleef wrapped himself around the neck of the sleeping snake and unhinged the necklace around his neck. As the jewel fell to the ground with a rather loud thud, intense thunder and lightning could be heard outside, only growing in intensity before suddenly stopping. Barleef looked at Weyla who grabbed the necklace and placed it around her neck, feeling a strong and brisk crawl in through the cave entrance and brush against her skin ever so softly sending goose bumps across her body. The jewel glowed as she raised her arms and invited the wind into the room and felt the power surge through her body. She inhaled, the wind around the room circling ferociously, then exhaled, all of the powerful winds now bursting out through the entrance and Weyla smiled, her eyes turning as blue as the gem.

Barleef had wrapped the false gem around the neck of Quetzal and then slithered his way back to Weyla’s side before changing form into an eagle and resting on her shoulder.

“Okay. Now we have the gem… He has no power. What are we to do?”

“You don’t listen to Forest when she speaks of the other beasts, do you?” Barleef cocked his head to the side in confusion.

“This gem doesn’t give Quetzal power, It amplifies his power. Quetzal naturally has control of the four winds, Nivas(North), Sau(South), Kinkterth(East), and Boor(West), but he also masters the in betweens of each. But this gem here…” She looked down at the gem that nested between her breasts, glowing a luminescent and guileless blue despite its monstrous power. “This gem wield the legendary power of the fabled ninth wind. Said to be the strongest wind out of all of them, capable of making the sky itself fall from high above our heads and down to the Earth. Capable of gifting the bearer inconceivable speed and immense powers of the lengendary wind.” She touched the jewel and felt the power crawl through her veins before looking at Barleef.

“Woo. Sorry about all that.Kinda got lost in… This.” Barleef changed to his natural form and rubbed against her.

“You have great power sister. Don’t let it get the better of you,” He said with a small hint of fear in his voice. Weyla calmed herself and silenced the voices of the wind in her head before petting her brother.

“Never,” She said softly. Barleef smiled slightly and looked at the sleeping serpent.

“So if he still has powers and refuses to stop these storms, what do we do?” Barleef asked before sitting down.

“I have a plan for that as well.” Weyla went back to fire and rubbed her hands together. “I need you to go get a few ingredients for me dearest brother.”

“What do you need?”

“A toad, bird droppings, a grey stone, poison ivy, Spider webbing, a few dozen or bugs and whatever you can find under a giant boulder.” Barleef nearly vomited.

“Tai’q al tu’jar! That is horrid! Why would you need that stuff?”

“I will tell you when you bring it. Go on!” She said brushing him out of the cave. Barleef looked back at her in disbelief.

“How do I even get some of this stuff? A toad is hard to catch and a bunch of bugs? How do I get them to follow me back here?”

“You’re smart. Surely you have this handled,” She tossed Barleef out and he looked up to see the moon high in the sky, just beginning to descend.

“Mayus help me. I fear my sister has gone mad.”

“I heard that!” Weyla shouted from in the cave. Barleef smiled slightly and went on his incredibly disgusting quest.


Mere hours before Ahki’s beautiful sun had begun to rise above the vast waters of the world, Bareef had finally returned with the last of the tools Weyla needed and expressed extreme discomfort with her, speaking all sorts of obscenities in their their native tongue. Weyla chuckled at everything he said and pet him on the head before thanking him and concocting a small potion.

“Are you going to put him to sleep again?”

“No. I am going to make him very very sick,” She said as she swirled all of the contents together in the vial and held it over the fire for a while. When the contents inside became too hot, Weyla pulled it away from the fire and smiled as she swirled the mysterious substance around in the vial. She walked over to the still sleeping Quetzal and and slowly began to pour the liquid into his mouth without him waking.

“Perfect!” She said smiling and backing away. “He is to awake soon. We must be ready.” Barleef turned into a snake once more and wrapped himself around Weyla’s neck and did his best to remain quiet and hide her necklace. Weyla sat and waited for a few more hours before the serpent had woken himself up and stretched.

“My my. That meal was sssso good that it put me to sleep for a whole day. I am impressssed mortal woman. Such skill can be put to good use in your life here.” Weyla nodded and smiled.

“I thank you master. I taught myself.”

“Even more exemplary,” he said rising off the ground, flapping his feathered wings and blowing into the air.

“Might I ask for some compensation for gifting you with such an exquisite feast?” Quetzal looked at her in disbelief.

“No you may not. Your very life is compensation enough. The fact I haven’t killed you is a miracle. Cherish it for if you continue to test my patience, I shall have to take that grace away.” Weyla felt a great fire burn in the pit of her stomach and Barleef felt the growling vibration at her throat and the gem began to glow but he moved ever so slightly enough to hide the gem and whispered into her ear, “Do not ruin your plan before it has a chance to start”. Weyla composed herself and looked into the eyes of the serpent whose gaze every second seemed to change into a more and more sickening look.

"Fine. If it is to go this way..." she breathed in then breathed out heavily. "I challenge you to a race!" She said proudly. Quetzal's eyes widened. He looked at Weyla and soon began to laugh insanely before circling her and eyeing her deviously.

"A racccccce? How sssssilly. To think that a mere mortal could ever have a hope of beating me! I am God of the air! Master of the nine divine winds and creator of storms! I was born from the sky and raised by the clouds! Speed is in my very nature! What makes you think you could win?" Weyla gave a crooked smile but didn't look the flying serpent in the eyes.

"I don't just think I can win, I know I can." She had such a bitter violence to her voice. All the verbal abuse and perverted words she had shouldered were now seeping out through her tongue.

"Mm. Interesting confidenccccce from so lowly a being-"

"If you don't want to, I can always spread through word of mouth that Quetzal is an honor-less butan," Weyla said grinning. Quetzal froze in front of her and hissed.

"How dare you?!"

"I dare because you can do nothing but stomach such words." Quetzal hissed and strong winds began to stir in the room.

"Ssssssuch an insolent little bug! I should kill you right now!"

"But?" Weyla asked knowing their was more.

"But Instead I will humor you. I shall go with this utterly ridiculous plan and race you. But what do I get when I win?"

"IF you win, You will truly have me as an eternal servant and I shall do whatever you please with no question." Quetzal grinned, his many teeth showing, whiter than snow and more jagged that the mountains that touched the sky.

"I accept."

"I need your word that you will honor this pact between us and will not break it. Swear on your life as a God."

"I swear on my divinity that I will honor this pact." Quetzal said simply. Weyla had to control herself from laughing at how stupid this God was acting. It was truly a thing to mock. What deity did this?

“Let that be that then. We shall start the race at noon high, when the sun is at it’s highest.” Quetzal chuckled.

“Understood.” Quetzal hissed softly and flew closer to Weyla’s face.

“I can’t wait to have you all to myself, Do everything I say... “ He laughed and hit Weyla with one of his wings.

“Away! Leave my home! I will see at the east coast of Havenwood and we shall race from one end of the land to the other.” Weyla nodded and began to walk out of the cave, smiling to herself proudly and when she had left the earshot of Quetzal in his cave, she yelled in happiness and cheered. Barleef changed to his wolf form and cheered with her.

“We did it! We actually did it! Ha ha ha ha!” Barleef shouted.

“That arrogant little worm is in for the shock of his life later.” Barleef looked at her with a smile but then looked at the amulet around her neck.

“You know how to use that right?” Weyla looked at the amulet for a long while before looking at Barleef.

“I know enough.”

“How much is enough? What can that gem do for you to help you win a race against a God of the Winds?”

“It is a gem of the ninth wind. It is just as strong as the other winds, actually… It might even be stronger. With this I have no doubt that I can win… Do you not trust me?”

“Of course I do. I just have doubts about the power of that little gem and of how strong it can truly be.” She ruffled the hair on her brother’s head and walked further into the forest.

“Don’t. It’s divinely made. One of the greatest things you can have in your possession. Now come brother. We must head to the east coast quickly.”

“I’ll race you.”

“1, 2, 3, Go!” she shouted as at the blink of an eye she had blasted forward faster than any human being ever could. Barleef was shocked beyond words and chased after Weyla as fast as he could but it was to no avail as she was too far ahead for him to even see her.


The time had come. The sun reached high above the clouds and scraped the sky as its rays of warmth and light bathed the land below. The clouds that tried to cover the sun were faint and see through as if baby clouds were sent to battle the adult Sun. Weyla waited diligently for Quetzal to show up and with a large swirl of wind accompanying him and his laughter heard for miles around. He looked at Weyla and smiled a great toothy smile.

“I am genuinely surprised that you actually showed up. You are either brave or foolish.” Weyla smiled.

“I could say the same about you.” An intense amount of pride overcame her as she took a racing stance. “Ready to lose?”

“What lovely energy I see. I hope this will be at least somewhat interesting.”

“Oh you needn’t worry about that.” Weyla rubbed her hands together and calmed her breathing, feeling every single rush of wind across her skin, feeling her heart race with amazing speed, feeling the hairs on her body stand up in anticipation, her eyes searching the road and her mind racing. Quetzal looked at her neck and saw a replica of his precious jewel.

“An interesting tool you have there.”

“A small tool used to make me feel just a little faster.”

“A cheap imitation of the real thing, little girl,” Quetzal sneered. An eagle swirled overhead and looked down at the two racers before cawing. Both people were ready for the race however Quetzal began to cough and retch. Weyla began the count completely ignoring him.

“Unte…” One.

“Duste…” Quetzal continued. Two.

“Trete!” Weyla shouted. Three. And with that they were off. Weyla and Quetzal ran faster than the eye could catch but Barleef, in the form of an eagle, watched the two, the large puff of smoke they left behind and the trail of dust that followed was interesting to say the least. The outlandish speed of which they traversed the land was awe inspiring and they remained neck and neck in the race until in a few passing seconds Weyla had gained a sizable lead. They had already begun to reach half way through the massive continent of Havenwood and Weyla was still in the lead while Quetzal trudged even further behind, panting heavily and coughing while still trying to hold at least some semblance of strength. This did nothing but make him look very weak. The race couldn’t have lasted longer than 5 minutes before they both made from the East side of Havenwood to the west side.

Weyla had reached the end of the race first and Barleef had changed to his natural form and waited for her. Quetzal on the other hand barely trudged out of the forest and onto the beach like coast, coughing and gagging before vomiting and collapsing on his back.

"Thissssssss... was not... a fair raccccccce. I have never seen a human run so fast!" How did you do it?" Quetzal asked still retching. Weyla loomed over him proudly and grabbed the gem around her neck.

"With this 'Cheap Imitation of the real thing'." Quetzal, between coughing and vomiting, studied the gem and noticed the small scratches, the glow it gave, the gentle brushing of the winds, it all pointed to...

"My amulet!" He shouted. "But even without it, how am I ssssssso-"

"Weak? As you slept last night, I made a small potion and made you drink it." Quetzal's eyes widened. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was just outsmarted by a mortal! Someone beneath him in every way! And he foolishly agreed to whatever she wanted.

"Thissssss... impossible! No! This isssss not fair!"

"You agreed! You did the stupid thing and agreed to the rules and now must do as I say!"

"I wasssssss cheated!"

"No you were not. You were outsmarted. You have only yourself to blame." Clouds began to gather high above their heads and thunder rolled across the now darkened sky. Quetzal rose from his spot on the floor and struggled to stay in the air before breaking the fake amulet from around his neck.

"I refuse to accept this!" The sky boomed in anger. "I was tricked! You cannot make me!" Barleef huddled closer to Weyla in mild fear while she herself began to gain an attitude.

"Yes I can! You swore on your divinity! On your status as a God!" At the end of every sentence was a loud strike of lightning from the sky but Quetzal didn't back down.

"Well I am breaking the rules! I was unfairly beaten and tricked!" Lightning shot from the sky once more and a massive hurricane spawned because of the two's rather loud discussion.

"Barleef... hide," Weyla whispered. Barleef did just that and turned into a mouse, hiding in her pocket and daring not come out. He would help her fight many a beast, but Gods... he never raised a hand against a God.

"You promised."

"I don't care."

"You said that-"

"I. Don't. Care."

"You lost!"

"I DON'T CARE!!" Quetzal finally shouted before lightning struck down near Weyla and knocked her off her feet. She immediately pulled herself back up and rushed at the man with intense speed, tackling him onto the ground and choking the life out of him. He slapped one of his feathered wings into her face, catching her eyes and then bit her neck. Weyla screamed in pain and got off the oversized lizard before he blasted her away with a powerful gust of wind, nailing her right in the stomach and forcing her on her back. With the assistance of the wind, Weyla pushed herself back up and summoned her trusted weapon: The Lunar Spear. A weapon tipped with the glowing white rock of Mayus the Moon and one of the few weapons known to the Weichan people that can harm a God.

She aimed the weapon at Quetzal's face who hissed violently before blasting another gust of wind at her. She deflected it with her spear and slammed the weapon against the ground, sending her own gust of power against Quetzal, pushing him back into a tree. She stabbed the spear into his wing, making him cry in agony, before quickly pulling it out and grabbing him by the tailed swinging him around like a toy, bashing him against every tree nearby and then slamming him onto the ground and forcing his maw open.

"You will listen to me! Understand?!" She used her strength to force Quetzal' mouth further apart and he groaned in compliance. She let go but kept her weight on him and forced him into submission.

"Okay! You win!"

"Damn right I win! Now listen carefully: I was going to be nice originally and let you go as long as you stopped causing storms but now since I know you break your bonds, I should kill you now and save myself the trouble. I do have the amulet..."

"No! Please! Wait! I can- No, I WILL stop the sssssstormssss. I swear!"

"Why should I trust you?!"

"Because I....... I can serve you! I will be your servant instead! I shall do you bidding!"


"No! I speak truth this time! I swear on The Scribe!" Weyla's eyes widened.

"You swear... on The Scribe?" Quetzal agreed. The Scribe is one you never speak ill of. Many don't speak about him period. The Scribe is the writer of everything in existence. He alone made Mysteria and all in it. Master of the known and unknown. The strongest of deities. If you truly wanted someone to honor a promise, you made them swear on The Scribe.

"You will serve me? Only me? None else?"

"I will!"

"And you'll stop the storms?"

"Consider them stopped!" Weyla sighed and got off of Quetzal who couldn't quite fly do to his injury. Weyla summoned her spear and held it to his neck.

"You better keep your promise this time," she growled.

"I will! I promise!" Quetzal said in fear. "Now... may I have my gem back?"

"No," Weyla said. "It belongs to me now. I will give it when I say you have earned it. You have squandered my trust in you so I shall hold until I feel you are worthy of it once more.

"But that's not-"

"Be silent!" Quetzal shut his mouth quickly. "Good. Now come with me. There is an old friend of yours who wishes to see you again."

"The Heart of the Forest."

"Yes. Her." Weyla called for Barleef out of her pocket end he did just that, changing to his natural form and giving Weyla a ride while constantly looking at Quetzal who himself seemed to be studying the creature.

"A Kwaoshal. Not many of you roaming around anymore..."

"Um... yeah," Barleef said awkwardly.

"Are you Forests' kid?"

"I am."

"That explainssssss it. Forest ever tell you about the time they gathered me and the other elemental Godsssssss together to ssssslay a Titan?" Barleef's eyes went wide.

"I must've heard that story a thousand times!" He cheered. "Did you really save everyone's life by conjuring up a giant storm and making it rain fire?"

"Oh of course! That'sssssssss not something you can make up!"

"Oh! And the time when you nearly broke the Wind amulet summoning all of its power and tossing it into the titans mouth, blowing a hole in its stomach?!" Barleef was in heaven while Weyla simply listened as they walked home.

"While that isssss true, back then the amulet was just a ssssmall rock with engravings on it. It had the same power with the spirit of the ninth wind trapped inside but when I broke it, I released him and the other Gods had to help me track down the evasssive little Kray'tan(munchkin)." Barleef laughed.

"So cool! But wait... if you guys were on such good terms back then... why did you start this massive storm on the East of Havenwood?" Quetzal groaned.

"I heard what Forest sssssaid about me. I had a messssenger go over and deliver a message for me one time and when he returned, he told me of how Forest was ssssspeaking of me as a demon and how the mortals around the continent were beginning to hate me."

"What? Forest would never do that. He's always been the nicest of the nice. The symbol of purity and honesty in the Hearth Forest."

"I knew Foresssst back before any of you were even thought of. They were, how you sssssay, a different person than you know them assss today," Quetzal spoke both with sorrow in his voice and contempt.

"Well when we see her, we will definitely ask some questions." Weyla said sternly.

"If there'sssss one thing I know about Foresssst it's that he doesn't like it when you assssk too many questionssss." Weyla frowned and began to ponder the words Quetzal spoke. She still didn't trust him but he was one of the oldest living people on Havenwood. He knew Forest. If he was telling the truth, Why would Forest bad mouth their comrades? Their fellow Gods? Their Brothers and sisters? She had many questions and wanted them answered and now, her mind drunk with pride and veins swelling with power, she was going to have them answered. Whether Forest liked it or not.
The Story of Weyla
Yet another story in the land of Mysteria. I'll post something different and unrelated to Mysteria next time probably. I can't help but write what's on my mind though. Anyway, this is a small story about a girl outsmarting a wind God and proving brains beat power.
She Who Draws...
A little piece of art my girl made. Made in the image of herself.

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Symdus was barely able to survive the harsh winds of the day and murderous chills of the night. It was brutal and every time he slept, it was difficult to wake back up as the hand of death hovered over him constantly. No food. No water. No way of finding out where the hell he was going. He felt weak beyond belief and finally stumbled his way to a small city in the middle of nowhere. His bleeding was worsening and his strength was fading. The chaotic red desert burned his feet and perhaps he could find a soul kind enough to help him while he traveled back home. But deep down he knew better. He limped his way to the small city and called for help but nobody came. Symdus walked into the houses of the city and started grabbing materials he thought would help him, new pieces of fabric and whatnot to cover his wounds and some water.

“This stuff seems very… ready for someone to take. Something doesn’t seem right,” Symdus said softly.

“Correct stranger,” said a voice from behind him. He turned around and saw a group of people. Humans. Or rather… Human looking. They had bronze skin and black markings going about their body and face and they worse loose robes and some wore a mask that covered half of their face leaving only their eyes shown. They were Khamsin. Desert dwellers. The man in front wore all red while the women at his sides wore black and red and the man behind them had on the mask and wore a light red and white.

“You’re on the wrong side of the desert, jackal boy,” said a female human.

“Look. I don’t want any trouble. I am in no condition to fight.”

“Clearly,” said the Man in back.

“Couldn't handle us anyway,” said one of the women.

“I simply seek aid is all. I am wounded.” Symdus moved his hand from his bleeding wound and showed the large pool of blood that seeped into the fabric he used to protect himself. The scars on his arms and legs and his split ear all told the same story. He could no longer fight…

“We would be willing to help you but medical help doesn’t come cheap,” said the man in red, clearly their leader. Symdus sighed but didn’t reach for his back which lay under the table of the room they were in. He looked at each person carefully and weighed his chances of accepting help from them. Their leader had two swords on hand and a knife at his foot while the women at his side had one sword each. The man in back didn’t seem to have any weapon but the fact Symdus couldn't see his face was some cause for concern. He leaned against the table and groaned.

“Those wounds look rather severe. Might want those tended to quickly.” Symdus growled and reached for his bag, bringing out a single gold piece and flicked it over into the palm of the man's hand. The man caught it and smiled before looking at the coin and seeing the image of a human woman on it. The women at his side looked at it as well and frowned.

“This… This is a very old coin. Where did you find this?” Symdus slowly pushed his bag back under the table and looked at the man hesitantly.


“I only ask because these are very… rare coins,” he said handing the coin to the woman to his right who smiled in joy.

“Makes us wonder how many more you have hidden in that bag of yours,” the woman on his left said grinning maliciously. Symdus growled.

“This was not what we agreed upon. You said you would help heal me if I gave you coin!”

“I am not a man of my word. Get the bag,” he commanded calmly. The man in white behind him walked up to Symdus and aimed for the bag before the young prince barked and pulled his sword to swipe at the man’s chest. Symdus groaned but forced himself to stand upright. The man looked at Symdus with surprise and when Jerrik saw the scars he left on him, they began to heal over slowly, new skin forming over the scarred tissue.

“So they can heal. Perfect. Very smart Symdus.” He said mentally kicking himself. He quickly grabbed his bag of gold and jumped out of the window to the house, causing quite the stir of pain in his body as the Khamsin chased after him. One of the women stomped her foot onto the ground and a massive sand pillar formed at the entrance to the city. Symdus immediately ran down an alleyway, not once stopping or slowing down even though his body begged for him to. He ran to the end of the alley before being tackled by the man in white and dropped his sword and his bag. He held his side in pain and looked up to see the man grab his sword and try and stab Symdus with it. The young prince rose to his feet and planted his feet onto the ground, growling like a wild animal and held his claws extended. The man lunged at Symdus but the prince merely jumped out of the way and grabbed his sword, bashing his elbow into the man's face and clawing at his hands, making the man scream and release the blade. Symdus swung his sword at the man’s stomach and then at his hand, cutting it clean off. The man screamed in pain but not nearly as much as one normally would.

The man had no weapons of his own so his only solution was to rush Symdus and tackle him to the ground. Sitting on top of him and punching the jackals wounded side. Each time Symdus yelped in pain and tried everything her could to get the man off him but he was much too heavy. One of the women ran up to them and grabbed the bag of gold while Symdus struggled. He saw this and thinking quickly, drove his claws into the eyes of the man on top of him. The man screamed and Symdus grabbed his sword, looking right at the man as his eyes already began to heal back however the last thing he saw was Symdus’ bright golden sword swinging straight for his head, cutting through his neck with ease. The man’s head slowly rolled off to the side as his lifeless body fell onto Symdus. The young prince pushed the corpse off of him and groaned in pain.

“Not healing from that are ya?” He said proudly. The dead body of the man began to fall apart in front of him and turned into a pile of red sand. Symdus scoffed and got to his feet before remembering his bag was being stolen. He sheathed his sword and ran as fast as his body would let him through the small city and saw the woman in red talking with her twin. They saw him and the woman in red set down the bag of gold and both walked towards Symdus.

“I’m amazed you’re still alive,” said the woman smugly.

“So am I honestly,” Symdus said under his breath.

“Doesn’t really matter though. Even if you beat us here, you will die from those wounds. Especially after all this fighting.” The woman laughed and Symdus took several deep breaths. In the expansive yard they were in, nothing but dust underneath their feet and the warm winds blowing against his fur, it all sent an odd cold shiver down his spine. The two Khamsin charged at Symdus who held his sword tightly. The women drew their swords and each began to slice at Symdus, each one getting just a little closer to actually harming him under the prince used his claws to grab at the throat of one of the women, purposefully forcing his claws into her throat and forced her to the ground while blocking other incoming attacks.

Symdus left the woman on the ground and went on to fight what he believed was her sister and she was a crude sword fighter. She wasn’t as skilled as Symdus was and he wasn’t fantastic himself. The woman on the floor tried to trip Symdus but he jumped over her leg and landed on it, breaking her leg with his weight and shoving the woman standing back. The woman on the ground grabbed the sand she laid on and breathed in, the sand traveling down her body and healing her leg. While that happened for her, Symdus was fighting the other woman and winning as he quickly swiped at the arm of the woman and cut it off. She screamed in pain and fell to her knees as Symdus raised his blade in an attack again and the woman turned her other arm into a blade made out of sand and stabbed Symdus in the side, making him him scream in pain and in a fit of rage, slice his sword through the woman’s neck. Her body began to disintegrate into red sand like the man before her and her sister screamed in anger. Symdus turned around, barely able to stand and quickly blocked a few of the strikes the woman aimed at him, still taking some hits and stabs his sword into the woman’s stomach, grabbing onto the handle with two hands and using all the strength he could muster pulled his sword upward through the woman’s body, completely tearing the woman in half. Not done with that he sliced the legs of the halved woman and began to cut her off into several pieces, kicking them across the expanse and staring down at the rapidly disintegrating woman.

As she faded into a pile of dust, Symdus walked over to his bag of treasures before falling to his knees and holding the fresh wound one of the women gave him. He growled and grit his teeth as he forced himself to his feet and stood face to face with the leader of the Khamsin crew that attacked him, now the last member. He drew his swords and held it to Symdus’ neck who extended his claws and slapped the blade away, swiping his massive claws at the Khamsin in desperation. The man blocked nearly every attack and backhanded Symdus before stabbing his sword into the prince’s stomach and forcing him back onto a wall, pushing the blade further into the jackals stomach. Symdus was beginning to fade out, his eyes failing to work, his muscles weakening, his mouth filling with blood and his thoughts leaving him. He grabbed the robed man’s face and dug his claws into his face, earning faint groans of pain and causing the man to back off. Symdus grabbed the sword and pulled it out of his stomach, the blade coated in his crimson blood as he swung the sword at the robed man who ducked and punched Symdus’ side. The jackal howled in pain and stabbed the sword into the man’s foot, causing the man to jump back in pain and Symdus swung the blade at the man’s chest. The man made the foolish decision of trying to block with his arms and the sword cut clean through his right arm and Symdus stabbed the man in the stomach constantly pushing the blade in and out of the freshly made wound. The robed man grabbed the sword with his left hand and gripped the metal hard, sand from his hands surrounding the blade and began to break it apart. The sword broke in half and the robed man fell to the ground, grabbing the dusty floor and trying to heal himself quickly before Symdus attacked again but it was already too late.

The prince pounced onto the injured man and yelled in pain as he dug his claws into the chest of the man, tearing through precious flesh and fake sand like blood to the very heart of the creature. The pain was inconceivable to the man as his body began to decay, melting away like ice when warm and he grabbed at Symdus face, his finger morphed into a sharp knife like weapon that stabbed Symdus right in the eye.He howled in pain but refused to release his enemy and instead bit the hand of the already hurt man and completely devoured it. Yes he ate the man’s hand. Symdus was livid and the red in his one good eye showed fury of the highest level as he dug his claws further into the chest of the man, fitting his whole hand into the wound and gripping at his rapidly pulsating target. The man’s heart. Using his free hand to spread open the man’s chest, Symdus growled and grabbed at the heart and pulled viciously,the man screaming louder than any living thing ever could. His body morphed into a devilish sand creature beyond description and his body still melted apart. Symdus pulled harder and harder, each time the valves holding the heart in place weakening as he gave one last pull and completely tore the heart out of its place in the man’s chest and held it in front of his nearly closed eyes.

“This is what happens to those who oppose me.” Symdus stared right into the eyes of the man and clenched his hand closed, destroying the heart as it fell apart into what felt like wet sand. The man tried desperately to cling to life before falling lifeless on the ground, his body falling apart into sand like those before him. Symdus still felt the rage in his heart and looked to the red sky in anger and shouted at the top of his lungs, his cry seemingly affecting the sky itself as clouds gathered and the Sun disappeared out of the sky. Symdus grabbed the wound at his side and groaned. He was pushing himself beyond limits. He should have died hours ago. Days ago. And yet he still lived. With his remaining strength, he walked throughout the city and found a small bed to rest on. He sat down, with his bag of treasures of course, and simply rested there. He silently prayed to his Gods as he rested, The God of Health for helping in keeping his body together enough to fight, The God of War for giving him the strength to fight, and The Goddess of the Afterlife as when a Jerrik takes a life - regardless of who they are - they pray to the Goddess of the Afterlife. It is simple custom. He also thanked Nis under his breath for teaching him to fight and then began to think of the people at his home. His parents smiling, so proud of him and what he’s done, his sisters greeting him back home, Nis actually congratulated him and apologizing for doubting him - boy he would love for that to happen - and Amisi hugging him tightly once he returned, crying and kissing his face with joy as the man she loved more than anything had finally returned after so long.

Thinking of this made him smile but he also felt an overwhelming urge to sleep. His eyelids grew heavy and he soon began to nod off before waking up again and forcing his eyes open. He was scared that if he slept, he would succumb to his wounds and pass away into the afterlife. He did not want that but his body clearly told a different story as he soon lay on the bed and closed his eyes. A few hours. Just a few hours of rest is needed. That’s all. Just a few hours. Just… A few… Hours… zzz…


A robed woman walked into the small room and saw the sleeping prince and smiled big. She kneeled beside him and strokes his cheek and looked at his severe wounds. She smiled and kissed his lips. She hummed a small tune before kissing the prince once more.

“Not your time to go yet little prince. Enjoy your rest for you will need it for what comes next,” she said softly. She watched over the prince for the next few days while he slept and when the prince finally awoke, she disappeared. He stood up and looked around, slowly regaining his memory on where he was and how he got here. He looked at his wounds and noticed they weren’t as severe as last time and thanked the Goddess. This was definitely a welcome respite. He hadn’t seen her but he felt her presence, even now and grabbed his bag of treasuries before leaving the abandoned city.

Trudging through hot desert red sands for weeks made Symdus incredibly tired and dizzy and the sand beneath his feet burned hotter than fire. He dare not rest however. Not after already sleeping for what felt like a week. He continued on his journey and noticed the sands getting lighter and lighter before he finally made it to the bright golden sands of his people’s land. Jerrika! Finally! He was almost there. But just then a faint rumbling began to sound and the sand beneath his feet shook violently. He looked down and noticed something rising out of the ground beneath him and it carried him with it as it’s headshot towards the sky. The massive creature released a loud roar and knocked Symdus off it’s head sending him plummeting back down to floor he was just standing on. Landing on the ground with amazing force and nearly passing out because of the pain it gave him.

“Ugh! You gotta be kidding me!” He shouted to the heavens and saw the large creature look down at him. It was like that of a giant snake with dragons teeth and a hide tougher than cement and Symdus saw a small orange and red light form in the creature’s mouth. Symdus forced himself up and dodged the massive wave of fire that chased him before tripping and falling a large hill of sand. The Serpent chased after him and while the prince was rolling down the hill, the creature opened its jaw wide and prepared to eat him. Symdus dug his claws into the sand and slowed down his rolling just in time for the creature to miss him and instead get a mouth full of sand. Symdus rolled out from under the beast and grabbed at his bow and arrows.

A bad arm, a bad eye, a scarred chest, a hole in his stomach and weak legs not to mention the beast having a dense exterior. This was a terrible idea. He decided against it and put the weapons back before going back to his original plan of running away. The Desert Snake spit the sand from its mouth and looked at Symdus running away as fast as he could which wasn’t very fast as his wounds started acting up again. The Snake slithered after him and remained right on his tail and opened its mouth to eat the young prince before he grabbed his sword and turned around, jumping into the beast’s gaping maw and stabbing the inside of its mouth making it roar in pain. That red flame built in the back of its throat again and Symdus stabbed his sword into the side of the Snakes snout and moved out of the way of the intense flames. He slung his bag of treasures over his shoulder and held onto the sword tightly as the Snake began to shake its body in an attempt to get the prince off and it worked. Symdus was slung off far through the air and hit the desert sands hard, rolling several feet and having his bag fall near him, some of its content spilling out, one of the things being the head of Azizi. This gave Symdus an idea.

The gargantuan snake eyed him hungrily and quickly slithered its way to the injured jackal as he rushed over to the head of Azizi and grabbed her snake her, picking her head up and holding it forward towards the face of the Desert Snake who was ready to devour Symdus before it looked into the golden piercing eyes of the dead serpent woman. Symdus closed his eyes as the bright golden light shined almost as bright as the sun and completely mesmerized the huge beast before him. The golden light finally died down but the beast was still affect and Symdus looked at it in its eyes.

“The eyes of Azizi capture the minds of any man woman or creature who is foolish enough to look at them, and you are it’s latest victim. I am King Symdus! Leader of the Jerrik people and your new master!” The beast lightly swayed its head still staring into the eyes of Azizi but listening to every word Symdus spoke, its own eyes glowing a yellow color. “You listen to me and only me. You do as I say without question or resistance. You follow exactly what I say.” Azizi’s eyes glowed brightly for a bit before fading and closing. The snake’s eyes went back to their standard grey color and it looked at Symdus angrily. Symdus glared back at it and the two simply looked at each other, not blinking for the longest time. Symdus held the wound at his side and his beating increased as he even wondered if what he did worked. The massive Snake exhaled through its nostrils, pushing wind in the princes face before resting its head on the ground, waiting for Symdus to climb on. The jackal smiled and grabbed his bag of treasures, shoving Azizi’s head back inside the bag and climbing onto the back of the Desert Snake. He petted its head lightly and it released what sounded like a purr as it slithered further across the desert sands making its way to the Jerrik lands…


The night was fading from the sky and the moon sinking below the sandy seas. The River of Nadi was to flood soon and Symdus was nowhere to be seen. Surely he was to return. He had to. Seruas looked out at the city of Jerrika and let out a long sigh.

“Oh my son… I have failed you. I am so sorry.” He closed his eyes and hung his head in silence before Nakia came to his side and held his hand. She said nothing and simply looked at him before giving him an affectionate lick on the cheek. The two simply stood in silence and looked at the city around them and the desert in the distance. But then something caught their attention. Something bright and glowing a luminescent yellow. Seruas frowned and looked closer but could not see whom it was and took Nakia with him as he walked to the city walls. The golden light was held by a Jerrik who wore a black cloak over his pelt and was bleeding quite a bit. The guards at the gate aimed their arrows at the man before he made it to the gates and ordered for him to stop. He did. Korik stepped forth and called for the man’s name. The hooded man attempted to speak but his dry throat and tired body would not let him and instead he collapsed onto the sand. Korik sent several of his men to apprehend the mysterious Jerrik and they removed his cloak revealing the face of prince Symdus.

“It’s… It’s really him,” said one of the men.

“The prince has returned!” The other man shouted. The guards on the walls of the city put away their weapons and the two guards outside lifted the prince off the ground and into the city walls. As they carried him through the city, they shouted ‘The Prince is back!” as loud as they could which made the people in their homes asleep all come out to witness the prince. He sadly was unable to look at them as he had lost consciousness after trudging through the desert for several months. They carried him throughout all of the lower district of the city along the way walking past Amisi who ran up to the guards and in front of Symdus.

“Symdus! Sweetheart can you hear me?” He did not respond. Amisi cupped his face in her hands, the dust in his pelt shaking off into her palms as she attempted to awake him. One of the guards picked up Amisi and moved her out of the way.

“Miss we must get the prince to the infirmary. Please move.” The guard was peaceful but Amisi demanded her let her go so she may speak with her lover but the more she fought, the more unfit she looked to be with him. The guards carried Symdus to the infirmary of the royal palace where Nis was there and waiting.

“Set him down carefully,” she said getting a large bowl and water and dipping her fingers in it before holding it above Symdus lips and letting the water drip into his mouth slowly. Seruas’ family ran into the room and were shocked to see the way he looked. The boy was much older since they last saw him damn near three years ago. His pelt had grown darker and more erratic, he had an extra amount of fur on his chin, something of a goatee, his pelt was covered in red dust and harsh sands and he had several fits of clothing wrapped around his stomach, arms and legs that kept his wounds from getting worse. The bottoms of his feet were rugged and seemed to be peeling off which wasn’t always a big deal considered almost all Jerrik feet looked like that but Symdus’ had several scars and scratches and were covered in the blood of the scars that were there. Once Nis removed the scars, she saw the damage that was done to him and quickly rushed to do what she could to lessen his wounds and bring him back to the living world. With all her potions, water, scented bottles and various other tricks, Nis could not wake the young prince from his unconscious status. He simply lay on the bed of the infirmary for hours, even the sun itself refusing to rise in that time. People from all around the city came and gave what little gifts they had to Symdus’ family, each person giving prayers to every god they knew to try and help bring the young Jerrik back to life…

While all kinds of people prayed to Symdus in his home. He was “asleep”, unmoving and unaware of his surroundings other than the faint voices of people praying for him at his bedside. Symdus’ body was lost but his mind was trapped in a vast white space of nothingness where he simply stood before a large staircase going upwards. He felt incredibly tired, his body struggling to hold itself up and his mind too weak to even think to walk. But he forced himself onward. He made himself walk. Walk up thousands of stairs stacked on top of each other that made his muscles nearly give out. He walked up thousands of stairs that made him lose his breath. He had no food or water for months and still pushed himself forward, powering up the stairs with every bit of strength he had left. When his legs gave up, he fell onto the stairs and used his arms to pull himself up the stairs. He cared not how he would get to the top, he just knew he was going to get there. He pulled himself up a thousand more stairs, the prayers of the people in the room where his body lay growing louder and louder. He heard the sobs of the people and their cries for his return. He heard his sister’s thank him for being such a wonderful brother, his parents apologizing for not telling him the truth all along, Even Nis was heard crying at how foolish she was to let Symdus go on this quest and why she didn’t stop him. He felt sorrow grow in his heart as he climbed up the staircase and dug his claws into the stairs to better pull himself up.

After what felt like hours of climbing, the cries of his family and subjects giving him the strength needed to continue before he finally made it to the top of the stairs and stood to his feet, face to face with a woman clad in all black. She looked at him with a smile on her face and held his hands. Symdus gasped slightly as he felt very dizzy very quickly and then the woman in black touched his head softly, the spot she touched glowing brightly.

“Well done little Prince,” she said simply before Symdus found himself out of the white void and back home, surrounded by people crying and his hand held by the woman he loved.

He groaned and squeezed her hand tightly making Amisi gasp in surprise. Everyone in the room quieted down as they heard the young prince move. He opened one of his eyes, slightly as to not get the dust on his eyelid in his eyes, and he slowly tried to speak.

“Wa… ter…” he said softly. Everyone cheered. The prince was alive! Nis gave him a large jar of water and eased it down his throat, telling the servants to get him some food as well. Amisi kissed him repeatedly before his parents and sister hugged him, not caring of the dust that covered his pelt and just enjoying that fact that the young man was freaking alive. That was all that mattered.

Five years. Five long years without having seen Symdus. Everyone had almost lost hope and feared the worst but the Prince had returned in one piece. Of course he had changed, he was missing one eye, walked with a limp for a long while, the pads of his feet would always hurt, the wounds on his body left scars and his right arm had to be in a cast, But this just made the people love him more. He was willing to go through so much for them. Sacrifice much of himself for his people.

On the day of his true coronation as King, he showed the city of Jerrika the riches he had gained from fighting Azizi and presented the beast’s head to Nis who seemed melancholy at the look of it. Symdus looked at Nis quizzically.

“You seem a bit… Upset. I realize I haven’t given you gold or anything but-”

“No no. It’s fine. Just… Nothing. It’s nothing,” Nis said as she walked away. Symdus grabbed her shoulder and stopped her, telling her something important.

“Nis… I don’t know what’s going on through your head or what happened in your past but if you ever need to talk to someone, anyone at all without feeling judged, I will be right here for you. If you need anything, I am more than willing to help.” There was a long silence between the two before Nis slowly turned around and looked at the King with a faint smile on her face.

“I know Symdus. And thank you,” she said walking away slowly. He smiled and walked to his throne room where his Queen, Amisi, was waiting for him and he sat on his throne and held her hand.

“Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be royalty.” Amisi said softly before kissing her husband’s hand.

“It’s a lot more of a hassle than you think. You sure you can handle it?” Symdus asked smiling. Amisi chuckled and crossed her legs.

“With you by my side? Most definitely.” She held his hand tightly and sighed happily as the two simply relaxed on their thrones in peace.

And thus began the new era of King Symdus.
The Golden Son Chapter 4
The final chapter! Just before my birthday! Woo! I am probably gonna take a long rest from writing after this. I say probably because I seriously love writing and can't help myself. Anyway! Enjoy this last part with Symdus but don't worry. This isn't the last we will see of the Jerrik prince. Hope all who read this enjoy!
Thanks to the courtesy of his guide Symdus had finally left the grounds of his precious homeland to the desert seas of the infinite pass. The desert that surrounded Jerrika was dangerous to all who weren’t Jerrik and was even dangerous to them. The intense heat could kill a person who was not prepared and the dangerous sand serpent that circled Jerrika ruthlessly devoured all whom it felt didn’t belong. But the worst part was the land he was going to now. The Red Desert. Symdus rode on the back of the Sakl beast, the body of a lizard with black scales, the eyes of a cat, and a large bulge at its neck to store water, and he trudged through the desert for what felt like hours. The heat of the sun was relentless and painful, and with Symdus having a black pelt, it was even hotter for him, nearly setting his pelt on fire. He decided to, despite how embarrassing it might be to you he was perfectly okay with it, remove all of his armor and clothes and travel the rest of the way naked. He carried everything in the magical bag Nis gave him which had a bottomless storage. He wandered for the longest of times and sadly his familiar could not make it as long as they did, falling over dead in the middle of the desert.

Symdus groaned and buried the beast under the sands and spoke in his native tongue saying “May you gain peace in the afterlife Sakl beast. I thank you for your service and will see you in the Underground. Despite the loss of his main mode of transportation, Symdus carried on. He found a small cave to hide in and spend the night and started a small fire to keep himself warm. Something that was always weird about Jerrika was the days were scorching hot and the nights were freezing cold. Such difference in temperature led to many a troubles or those who wished to travel here or out of the city. Symdus dressed himself back in his armor and pulled a large blanket out of the bag, wrapping himself up in cloth and finally resting.

He slept for what felt like only a few minutes before something odd happened. The red and orange fire that he used to keep warm had faded and began to run out. Symdus kept his eyes closed and soon the fire was completely gone before reappearing in a pale white color. Symdus slowly opened his eyes and saw a tall woman standing in front of the fire. She looked… Her clothes were all black, seemingly made of crow’s feathers and her hands were black and sickly. She looked Jerrik and stood taller than Symdus and looked down at him. She wore a crown of silver with a purple gem in the center than swirled with energy and she wore several rings on her hands each a different color and also swirling with energy of its own. In her eyes was calm hatred and when she exhaled, she let out what seemed to be smoke.

“Hello Symdus,” she said calmly. Symdus bowed his head to the woman and greeted her.

“Greetings Goddess Anubia.” She smiled slightly and sat down in front of him.

“It has been quite some time since I have responded to a prayer from so young a Jerrik. However there is something about you that is… Greater than those who came before you. Even your father.” Symdus’ eyes widened. “But we are not here to discuss times passed. We are here to discuss your future.” Symdus nodded.


“However… Answer me this young jackal: Why go on such a foolish quest? What is there to gain from fighting someone as dangerous as Azizi? I understand your people are growing poor but… Why risk your life? Is it pride? Is it love? Is it for no reason at all? I’ve seen many mortals give those answers.” Symdus sighed and closed his eyes.

“I feel… I feel like I have been blind to much of the world around me. My own home has problems I never even thought existed. I’ve spent much of my life inside the protected and walled confines of the castle and to be crowned without truly earning it feels… Wrong. Many Kings had to fight to gain the crown of Jerrika. My own father did so! He was a slave before he became King and worked to gain the crown. It was stolen from him and he fought to gain his royalty back. I cannot accept such a heavenly burden if I have not earned it.” Anubia frowned slightly.

“Child, you are to be King. It will not matter what you do to earn the crown. It simply matters what you do when you already have it. Going on an expedition like this simply to earn point from people who serve you is-”

“Is what a Jerrik does,” Symdus interjected boldly. Anubia was caught off guard and simply looked at him. “Jerrik prove their worth. They do what is necessary to prove to the people why they are to be in charge, why they are to be Kings, why they are to be rulers! If you were in my shoes Goddess… What would you do?” Anubia looked at the fire in front of her and simply sat there, deeply in thought before sighing.

“I understand. I too have done things to prove to people that I am strong. The issue with me however is I became ruler of the dead because of it. I sought to prove to my own family, to my friends, to my master that I was strong… And in the end I was the one that suffered. I simply ask that you do not make the same mistake. Getting to the serpent woman is one thing, beating her is an entirely different beast. And getting home alive… ” The white fire that burned between the Goddess and the Jerrik began to fade and Anubia looked at Symdus. “Do be careful boy. I will be watching over you closely. I am interested to see what you will do.” Anubia smiled slightly and exhaled, the fire between them flickering out and waking Symdus up. He awoke on the floor of the cave and looked up to see the world outside.

He walked out into the dusty plains and pressed his foot on it gently, feeling just how wet it was as if made of actual water. It wasn’t without substance however. His foot did not sink into the sands like it would in water, but rather it simply stood on top of the sands, sending a ripple motion outward. Symdus put all his weight on the foot and was able to stand perfectly above the sands. He was astonished that he didn’t sink below the desert and backed up into the cave, grabbing his bag of valuables and putting on all of his armor and with a heart heavier than stone but a mind clearer than the air above him he jumped into the sandy oceans and like a dream they carried him and held him from falling into the bottom of the desert. He was surfing on the sands as flawlessly as a fish swam through water, feeling the grinding of the grains of sand against his toes and the pads of his paws and every subtle motion he made shifted him left or right.

He rode the waves of the desert throughout the expansive dry plains and came upon multiple ruins of older civilizations of Jerrik people. The languages on the ruins were written in a dialect that was unfamiliar to him yet some of the letters seemed somewhat recognizable since the modern day Jerrik language was based off of old ones. It read “School” and “Temple” and one was partially buried under the sand so all that was visible was “Brot-” before it was cut off. Symdus continued on through the ocean sands before being met with a massive expanse of basic unswaying ocean like sand that tripped Symdus up. The instant change from soft sand to dry rough sand had tripped him into the air and onto his face and he rolled several feet into the middle of the expanse before stopping on his back, groaning in pain.

“Ow. Just… Ow”, he said getting up and looking around him. He looked to see the Sun rising over the sandy horizon and with that the beautiful ocean like appearance of the place disappeared to the normal desert it was. It was then the heat decided to pick up. Symdus looked at the large expanse he stood in and noticed it was a perfect circle with small intricate designs going around it in white dust.

“This must be the place Nis talked about. Seems… Barren”. Just then the dust beneath his feet began to swirl around him, flying in a circle around him and forming a perfect tornado of sand and dust around him. It swirled and surged and roared like a wild beast and Symdus found himself sinking below the sands. He grabbed his sword from his bag and stabbed it into the ground to keep himself above ground but the sword began to sink under ground too. The hot burning sensation of the sand surrounded him entirely as he suddenly was brought to an entirely different place, falling from the ceiling of a damaged palace all the way to the ground and landing with a loud thud. Luckily his armor helped break the fall but that didn’t mean it wasn’t painful. His sword fell from the ceiling as well and landed right next to him, the hard clang against the floor echoing throughout the palace and awakening something inside.

Minor echoes of hissing was heard from deep inside the palace that sent shivers down Symdus’ spine as he sheathed his blade and slowly stepped further into the palace. Every single step he made seemed to be the wrong move as the hissing noise seemed to grow more and more angry.

“Who invites himself into my house of pleasures?” The voice was monstrous yet also human. It was a mixture of young seductress, an old witch, and a poisonous serpent. The few words she had said already made Symdus feel uneasy. In an attempt to compose himself, he took a deep breath and tried his best to slow down his racing heartbeat. He coiled his tail around his leg and balled his hands up into fists but this was all in a poor attempt to hide how scared he truly was. As he stepped further into the palace he heard the constant jingling of coins and gold, the sounds like music to Symdus’ ears. His people had an interesting lust for gold despite the fact that their was an abundance of it in the city already. Symdus followed the sound and the precious metal and was met with a room of endless golden coins, cups, and treasures that made the little jackals heart race. He smiled and leaned in to grab one of the coins and a faint growling and hissing noise was heard in the room. He froze and looked around.

“You shouldn’t take what isn’t yours little prince,” said the voice quietly before a snake’s rattling could be heard. Symdus saw a small snakes tail slowly moving behind one of the pillars in the room.

“How do you know who I am?” He asked hesitantly. A woman’s laugh was heard.

“I have my own eyes and ears in Jerrika. They told me you would come.” The voice was soft and seductive. She sounded very beautiful and it sent a terrible tingle down Symdus’ spine.

“And who is ‘They’?”

“How nosy you are little prince.” From the top of the pile of gold was a woman. A human woman. She had long blonde hair, a dark skinned complexion and eyes a bright yellow. Symdus could barely look away from her. She was stunningly beautiful. Looking into her eyes was almost other worldly. She had a faint smile travel across her lips and she laid down on her pile of gold.

“Come to steal what isn’t yours… You men are all the same.” She looked him right in the eyes and her smile grew. “Or is it something else you have come for?” She spoke with a gentle softness in her voice that made Symdus’ tail wag. He groaned and curled it around his leg.

“Do not try and worm your way into my head.”

“I would rather worm myself somewhere else.” The woman laughed as she crawled back behind the pile of gold and out of view and Symdus walked after her. He climbed over the pile of gold and saw the massive expanse of golden trinkets and objects that went out far further than he ever thought. They shimmered in the light coming through the windows which couldn’t have been the sun since this place was underground. Symdus smiled and ran into the room of gold and began to think of all the things he could do with the gold in this land. It was ancient gold as well! Coins with engravings of kings long gone, cups with inscriptions of old sayings from old people, some banners lay across the ground. Old Kingdoms lost to the sands of time, each one seeking fame and fortune by doing exactly what Symdus desired to do.

“Greed,” said the woman from nowhere. Symdus could not see her anywhere in the room.

“Greed is what always brings men to my halls. They always want to take what is mine.”

“These are not your treasures. They belong to-”

“Cruel men. Adulterers. Slave masters. Conquerors. People from all over your wretched desert lands have come here, each under different circumstances but desiring the same thing. So I stole a few treasures from these men. They did not deserve them,” She shouted, faint hissing audible from wherever she was in the room. Symdus raised his ears and tracked the hissing further into the room and found himself deeper and deeper in the gargantuan palace. He saw endless supplies of gold and was very tempted to place some in his pocket quickly before deciding better and simply moving forward. He came up to a second massive door that had a mural engraved into it, showing a beautiful woman hit with powerful magic by a witch and turned into a serpent like creatures. Her hair turned to snakes and her fangs were dripping with venom. Symdus recognized the art and passed on, opening the door and being met with a room with golden smoldering ashes barely lighting the place up however things could still be seen in the room. Symdus walked further in and the massive door closed behind him loudly. He jumped in surprise and looked around, listening to the loud hissing that echoed in the room.

“Welcome to my trophy room little Prince. Come in. Come in…” She laughed and Symdus indeed moved further in. He looked into the darker halls and noticed bright golden statues, the fires sending light shining off of them and making it better known what they were. They were people. Some wore armor. Some wore loose robes. Some wore crowns on their heads but all of them had terrified expressions on their faces. They were frozen solid, their entire body encased in gold and unmoving. Symdus lightly hit one of the petrified golden men and it was indeed real gold. His heart began to race. This was the guardian of the golden treasures. This was the serpent woman Azizi.

“You are a very handsome young jackal.” She said from behind him. He turned around and saw her towering over him, the bottom half of her body like a massive snake and the tip of it containing a blade of some kind. The tips of her fingers held glowing claws that dripped a bright yellow and her eyes glow in the dimly lit room. Symdus also saw her hair moving around of it own free will and hissing noises sounding from it.

“I would love to add you to my collection.” She raised one of her claws in an attack and swiped at Symdus who ducked just in time for it to miss him. He jumped away behind a pillar and Azizi followed him, using her arms to pull her towards the fleeing Jerrik. He grabbed his sword and readied himself to use it. From overhead however, Aziz grabbed his sword from him, her tail wrapped tightly around pillar he hid behind, and the minute she touched it, it began to change into solid gold and she tossed it far away into the dark room.

“Ah ah ah. No weapons allowed, little Prince.” She loosened her tails hold on the pillar and tried to drop her entire body weight on him before he rolled out of the way and pulled out his bow and arrow and aimed a shot at her but he made the mistake of looking her in the eye. Doing this had an unidentifiable effect on his mind as he began to see Azizi as… Not the beast she was. But rather he saw his mother, Eyes filled with tears of sorrow and her hands clasped together in a prayer.

“My son! What kind of child would raise a weapon against their own mother? I brought you into this world and your thanks is to kill me? What kind of monster have I raised...” Symdus was crestfallen. It all seemed too real. The tears in her eyes, the cry in her voice,the scent of her fur that remembered her always having when he was a little pup. He retreated into the darkness of the room and did his best to get a grip on reality. Azizi watched him flee behind one of the pillars in the room and laughed.

“It’s so cute to see people like you run away on your tiny little feet. Makes chasing you all the more fun,” she said as she slowly crawled her way toward him. Hearing the scraping of her claws against the concrete floor made Symdus’ heart race. He was unsure of what to do. He couldn’t let her touch him so he had to try and surprise her. The bright coloring of his armor was not helpful but without it, he would be more susceptible to her golden touch.

“Well… No risk, no reward,” he said as he began to remove his armor. Once he removed it he had placed the pieces in his bottomless bag except for his greaves. He ran out from behind the pillar and through one of his boots at Azizi, it hitting her directly in the nose and in rapid succession, he grabbed his bow and arrow and fired a shot right at her. She groaned in pain as the shoe hit her and as such didn’t pay attention to see the arrow hit her right in shoulder. She screamed in pain and Symdus charged at her in a fit of madness. Azizi grabbed the arrow in her shoulder, and groaned as she pulled it out, her golden blood trailing from the wound. Symdus lunged at her, bouncing off her tail and onto her upper body being careful not to let her touch him. He grabbed the arrow out of her hand and jumped behind her, putting his bow around her neck and pressing the string against her neck and pulling her down to the ground with him.

Banging her head against the floor with a tremendous amount of force, he stabbed the arrow directly into Aziz’s eye. She howled an inhuman cry of pure pain and when she tried to get back up, Symdus slammed her head back on the ground before pulling his bow from around her neck and running away from her flailing tail. With him gone, Azizi got up and with her only good eye she looked around the room and tried her hardest to find the prince.

“You fucking spoiled little rat! Come out here and fight me like a real man where I can see you!” she spat into the room. Her voice echoed deeper and deeper into the dark room but it was missing the ferocity she had shown before. The snakes in her hair hissed with less anger and many of them actually seemed to be dying. Azizi held her eye in pain and began to move around the room looking for Symdus who hid in silence. Azizi got very upset.

“Where are you damn it?! Show yourself!” She said slamming her tail on the ground, shaking the ground beneath their feet. The torches on the pillar began to shine off of the golden statues and on one of the reflections she saw the prince hiding and clutching his sword she tossed away from her moment ago. She smiled maliciously and slowly crawled way towards him, the scraping of her tails against the concrete still sending chills down the young princes spine. The sharp metal claws tearing through his flesh with ease, the pain greater than anything he could imagine and the powerless feeling of slowly being transformed into a golden statue. Unmoving. Would you still be alive? Would you even feel it happening to you? Symdus looked at the statue next to him and saw the terrified expression on the man’s golden face. Was that fear or pain he showed. Symdus saw his face and knew that he felt fear in his heart. Azizi was something to be afraid of. Wait… He saw his reflection… He saw his reflection! Damn it! He ran from behind the pillar but was blocked by Azizi who laughed as she nearly crushed him under her tail. He just barely rolled out of the way and aimed his next shot of an arrow at Azizi made the mistake of looking her in the eyes again and saw his Father in return. The old man frowned at his son and gave a small growl. He held his eye in pain and growled angrily at Symdus who struggled to see past the illusion.

“So… This is to be my successor? This is to be my legacy? The fruit of my loins comes to kill the man who saved him from robbers and thieves? From cruel children and murderous Kings?! The man who helped make you who you are and in return you blind me?! Fine!” He screamed. Symdus’ legs shook. “Do your worst! Release the arrow! Let it pierce my heart and kill the man who helped make you a man!” Symdus looked his father straight in the eyes and felt the anger coming from him. Seruas growled loudly and the prince struggled to meet his gaze. The sheer anger and ferocity that came from Seruas was staggering.

“Get the hell out of my head!” He shouted as he released the arrow, it shooting from his bow and piercing the stomach of his “Father” and the illusion immediately disappeared. Azizi screamed and grabbed at the arrow before Symdus whacked her in the head with his bow and brought her down to the ground, grabbing her by her serpent hair and attempting to bring off her head. Azizi, with as much strength as she could muster, had ducked her head out of the path of the blade and instead Symdus had cut off her hair. The serpent’s cried as they were seperated from their mistress, the main source of life for them and slowly began to turn to dust before pouring out of Symdus’ hand. He wiped his hands clear of the dust and walked towards Azizi who held her head in pain. She looked back at Symdus and her eyes were filled with more fear than anything he had ever seen. She swiped her tail at his feet and knocked him onto his back before trying to slither away. Symdus got to his feet as quickly as he could and grabbed her tail, Azizi dragging him wherever she went. He stabbed his sword into her tail and she screamed in pain, bucking like a wild animal and doing all sorts of things to get the young jackal off of her backside.

He stabbed his sword into her tail once more and she whipped her tail at the door to the room holding all of her gold and Symdus landed in a pile of golden coins and weapons. He groaned slightly as he picked himself up and Azizi ran into the room grabbing two golden swords from the vast piles near her. She looked as if she was to say something but just groaned in pain as the wounds on her tail seemed to slow her down. The snakes in her hair began to regrow into their positions,the ones missing now healing and coming back whole again. Symdus grabbed one of the shields from the gold pile he was in and clanged his sword against it, the loud clash of metal echoing throughout the room. Azizi growled as Symdus let out a war cry and she did the same as the two ran at each other in murderous fervor, their hearts racing at the possibility that they might lose what was dearest to them. The most precious gem in the world to them. Their life. Azizi swung her swords for the head of the prince only for him to slide on the ground just beneath the attack and raise back to his feet to block yet another attack she threw at him with his shield. She used the tip of her tail, the sharpened knife like appendage, and swung it at him with as much precision as she did her two swords.

Symdus used every bit of training he knew to fight off essentially three people at once as Azizi was far more skilled with weapons than without, even when missing an eye. He used his shield and sword both for defense as well as offense, doing his best to analyze Azizi’s fighting style and her dependence on her tail. He knew that in time he would grow too tired to continue fighting and she would outlast him. In the heat of his thinking, Azizi had slashed away Symdus’ sword, knocking it into the endless piles of gold nearby and leaving him only with a shield. With this however he did not waver and readied himself as if he still had a weapon. She was dependant on her tail so the best thing to do would be to get rid of it..

Azizi swung her swords dangerously fast at Symdus, every attack growing closer and closer to taking off his head and making him grow more defensive than offensive. Every attack she gave grew wilder and greater out of control as the desperation of wanting this meddlesome Jerrik dead was her main priority. Symdus buried the claws on his feet in the ground and pushed Azizi back, surprising her quite a bit. In response she swung her tail at his feet, which he jumped over, and attempted to stab him with her knifed tail, only succeeding in stabbing the ground and getting her tail stuck. Her eyes widened in fear and she tried to pull it out of the ground but Symdus took his shield and, letting out a powerful cry of strength, stabbed his sword down onto the tail of the serpent woman. She screamed in agony and dropped her sword, pulling her tail away and seeing the golden blood pour from the open wound. The blood was as golden as all the other scars on her body and she rushed to pick up the blades she dropped but Symdus was faster and tossed the shield at Azizi which hit her directly across the face, knocking her to the ground. He rushed over to the sword she dropped and used it to slice at her stomach, creating a massive gash and making her fall to the ground holding her stomach in pain.

Symdus let out a heavy sigh and slowly walked over to Azizi, dragging his sword along the floor, the scraping of it sounding throughout the room and making Azizi’s heart race. She attempted to crawl away before Symdus held the sword to her neck and glared at her. He gripped the handle fiercely feeling how preciously cold the metal was and the power it gave him over this… creature. This monstrous combination of beauty and beast. He looked her in her one good eye and saw nothing he recognized. A woman, a beautiful queen, who sat on a throne made of gold surrounded by many servants and slaves, all Jerrik, and she had a sadistic smile on her face. She laughed merrily and then all of a sudden the vision changed into o her lying in bed. She tried her best to sleep but kept shifting back and forth in her bed, groaning in pain. Her servants came in to check on her as she cried for help and the bed she lay on had massive scratches in it, the feathers of the pillow having massive claw marks in them before it began to turn into an amazing gold.

The woman cried in pain and her men tried to control her, holding her down and ordering for the sage but the sage was nowhere to be found, long out of reach from the clearly sick Queen. The Queen began to toss and turn and her legs began to change as well, her gown stretching as her body grew and her two legs scarily morphing together into one long tail. Her smooth skin was being replaced with hard, cold and smooth scales and the flailing tail whacking around things in the room. Her hair was no longer the long red beauteous thing it was before and instead it fell out from her head and was replaced with violent hissing serpents. A few more men ran into the room but everyone was surprised when they saw what the Queen had turned into. She rose from her bed and looked at her men with terror in her eyes, grabbing everything and it all turning into gold. Her men ran away in fear and she shouted for them to return and help her. The Queen screamed as loud as she could before chasing down the men who ran, dragging herself towards them with her hands but groaning as she did so. She felt weak but so much anger filled her heart that she began to get stronger and stronger, pulling herself forward with ease. She homed in on one of her servants running away and grabbed him by the leg. He screamed for help but the other servants ran as fast as they could and ignored the cries of the captured servant.

“You dare run from me in my time of need?! You dare turn your back to me when I call you?!” She shouted but soon stopped as the man prayed as fast as he could not realizing what The Queen was. Her hand grasping his leg and holding him upside down. She dropped the servant and he tried to run away but his left leg was completely frozen solid in gold and it was slowly corrupting his body. He attempted to pat down his body and push away the corruption however it instead got stuck on his fingers and spread throughout his hands and arms. He begged for the Queen to help him and fix this but she simply stood there in horror and watched as the Jerrik’s entire body was soon covered in solid gold, his face frozen forever in its horrified state. She covered her mouth in shock and looking at her hands, the tips of them sharp claws and dripping with the precious golden liquid. She looked at them then at the petrified man and smiled cruelly. She hissed and chased down the following servants who ran from her, each one turning into immovable statues of perfect gold upon her touch, stuck there forever and unable to escape. She smiled and the serpents in her hair licked her face, which she enjoyed more than she would like to admit.

Symdus suddenly found himself back in present day and holding the golden sword to Azizi’s neck. She looked at him with a scowl on her face and the serpents in her hair hissing at Symdus. He didn’t move the sword away but still kept a defensive stance.

“Why show me that? Why give me such visions of you?”

“To let you know that there is humanity behind the beast. As you saw I didn’t want to be like this. I was terrified and no one would help me. My sage was a woman I trusted greatly but in my time of need she abandoned me. The one woman who could help me was nowhere to be found and my own servants ran from me. My only companions were the snakes that stay in my hair.” The snakes licked her face and she smiled slightly before looking back at Symdus. She looked him directly in the eyes but this time there was no trickery, no foolish magic, no false images. He saw how dull and grey it was and how drained of life it seemed to be. He grit his teeth and nearly pulled his sword away.

“I cannot stop. There is nothing that can be done to save me little prince. I cannot control myself any longer. At first I could control myself but my lust for gold grew worse and worse and I could not fight it anymore. Everything to me seemed so dull but seeing gold brought life to it all. Even you now seem so grey and dead.” She reached out her hand towards Symdus. “If I could just touch you-” She was stopped when Symdus sliced the palm of her hand with his golden blade and she let out a snake's hiss and looked at Symdus angrily.

“You little bastard!’ She shouted before getting up. Symdus backed away and was hoping she wouldn’t do what he was thinking but she was and she lunged at him like a rabid wolf. Symdus gripped his golden sword with both hands and in one quick motion slash forward, cleanly cutting off Azizi’s arm with little effort. The serpent woman screamed louder than any time prior and fell to the ground, holding her open wound with little hope of it getting better. Symdus looked at the severed arm on the ground and felt a pang of sorrow in his heart which was quickly swept away when he remembered this woman tried to kill him.

“This is what happens when you leave me alive!” Azizi screamed crawling away from Symdus. “I cannot control myself!I am no longer a woman. I am no longer human. I am a monster and deserve to be treated like one.” She spoke as if she didn’t believe her own words and constantly shifted her tail on the ground. The snakes in her hair, one by one, began to fall limp. Azizi looked at Symdus and despite the fact her voice was unsure, her eyes told a different story.

She truly wanted to die. And he was the only person who could help her with this.

“Please, little prince. From the darkest recesses of my heart and soul, the smallest bit of humanity left in me, I ask you to honor my wish… and kill me.” Despite everything he had done to her, Symdus didn’t want to kill her. Something felt terribly wrong about this. He had never taken a life before yet he came here with the desire to kill a beast and take it’s gold. But finding out this beast is… was human, was a simple mortal person dwelling in the deserts of Jerrika made all of this so much harder. Could he do this? And if he could, could he live with it.

“I can see in your eyes that you are unsure if you can do it. But I am here to tell you that you can.” She clutched her breast with amazing strength and when she removed her hands, a golden liquid poured out. “I didn’t used to bleed this color. I used to have red coursing through my veins like you do now. But after time went on I changed. I became more and more monstrous. More and more of the creature everyone thought I was. A greedy, arrogant, snake tongued beast.” She was starting to get up again.

“You have three choices. 1: Either you purposely fail and let me kill you- afterwards I will probably die of blood loss but at least I will have beaten you. 2: You kill me right now before I get the chance to fight you again and save your furry behind a lot of time and energy. Or 3: Let me keep getting up and fighting you - which I will - and eventually put you in a situation so terrible you have to kill me.” Symdus gripped his sword but said nothing. The two simply looked at each other. Symdus sighed and Azizi did the same before the two began to run at each other, barely able to move due to their injuries and being tired and what was to come next. Symdus gripped his sword tightly and Azizi hissed violently as in less than a second Symdus jumped up to eye level with the serpent woman and swung his sword at her neck, it cutting clean through while she didn’t even raise a hand to defend herself.

Symdus landed on the ground with a loud groan and looked back to see Azizi’s body fall to the ground and her head roll across the floor. He watched in horror as the still open eyes of the serpent woman looked right at him and he promptly threw up in disgust. He couldn’t handle it. He may have honored her last wishes but just couldn’t stand the look of it. Symdus groaned and shouted at the top of his lungs, the yell echoing a thousand time in the halls of the massive palace and he fell to the floor tired, his breathing slowing. He looked at the ceiling and imagined what it would be like to be home and everyone was safe. If everyone was well off and life continued as blissfully as it always was. He imagined seeing his mother and father smiling with each other and holding him in joy at his return, his sisters organizing a return party for him, Nis berating him at his foolishness of going on such a ridiculous quest but secretly being happy that he returned, and Amisi kissing his face all over, tending to his wounds and ruling along side him as Queen of the Jerrik people. Such a wonderful dream that crossed his mind…

“A dream that would be a reality” he thought to himself as he slowly got up from the floor. This was not all for nothing. He walked for months through the desert sands to find this place, fought harder than any other moment before against a beast he had only heard stories about and found out this beast was actually a punished woman and he killed her. This was not the end. He would see his task complete. Symdus stood on his feet, taking in a deep breath and looking at the room around him. He pulled the bottomless bag from his waist and opened it wide.

“Let’s see just how much this thing can carry.” Symdus grabbed every precious piece of gold from the various piles around the room and stuffed them into the bag, it holding all the big small and in between pieces from massive chalice's to golden weapons to small coins. Everything that shined gold, he took. He had spent so much time doing so he would have sworn that a whole day had passed if the constant light in the room didn’t fool him into thinking it was still the same time. He looked around and saw the vast emptiness of the room and smiled to himself. The gold that was so massive that it made the room seem brighter. The light was like that of the sun but with all the gold gone, now the room simply lay dark as night and with the gold gone he also noticed a massive pentagram like that of which he used to gain entrance into this castle. He was about to leave before looking back at the severed head of Azizi and walked over to it, picking it up by the snakes of her hair and walking to the center of the room. He looked up to the ceiling and closed his eyes and felt a massive swirl of sand surround him, a tornado of the harsh grains pushing and pulling at his fur and clothes as he soon felt himself above ground and feeling the soft breeze of the night air outside.

He was free. He removed his shirt and tied it tightly around the wound on his stomach to keep from passing out of blood loss and slowly marched his way home…
The Golden Son Chapter 3
I originally wanted this story to be a three parter but felt like this should be it's own part. A hero battling a beast is a big thing in a lot of stories isn't it? The next part will be posted later today so I hope all who read this enjoy.
Symdus trained for months with Nis as his trainer, constantly pushing him past whatever limits he thought there were and made sure he was as strong as he possibly could be. Before long he was actually able to beat Nis and many other highly trained guards in the palace. He was ready. There were just a few things he needed to do before going on his quest. When training had ended, he walked to his room and had begun to dress himself in armor, nothing too hard or heavy as the intense heat would kill him but it was enough to survive a few blows. Nakia walked into the room and saw Symdus dressed in his marvelous armor and gasped. Tears of both joy and sadness formed in her eyes as she slowly walked up to her son.

“You remind me so much of your father when I first saw him leave into the desert. I remember worrying about him every day he left, terrified that he wouldn't return.” Her breath was shaky and she touched her son’s cheek as if it was a snowflake, delicately stroking his face and smiling. “He was so handsome. I was so proud seeing him leave. My husband always did what was necessary… And now history repeats itself. My own son leaves me behind and the only feeling in my heart is pride. My son is following in his father’s footsteps.”

Symdus smiled and hugged his mother Nakia tightly and she began to cry softly.

“I’m losing my little boy,” she whispered softly.

“You’re not losing anyone. I’ll be back before-” Nakia cut him off by holding a finger to his mouth and laughing.

“No no no. Don’t say that. Last time your father said that he was gone for two years. The longest two years of my life and his.” Symdus smiled and nodded. “I suggest you go see your father. He has something for you. And in truth so do I…” Nakia grabbed the necklace from around her neck and took it off, placing around Symdus’ neck.

“A little trinket your father gave me when he returned from one of his expeditions. Always gave me hope that he would come back. Symdus touched the green gem at the center and smiled. He hugged his mother again.

“I’m so sorry for yelling at you earlier. No man has a right to speak to his mother that way.” Nakia chuckled.

“Oh don’t worry about that. I know you were just upset. Your father acts the same way sometimes. When he’s angry, he shouts. You should have seen him and Nis fighting each other a few years back. I swear they could have deafened the whole palace with all that yelling.” Symdus and Nakia both laughed.

‘Go now. Your father waits for you.” Symdus smiled and held his mother’s hand before leaving his room.Nakia sighed and held her breast in pain.

“Please be safe child. My heart could not take it if you did not return.”

Symdus continued through the palace before wandering into the garden and seeing his father look over the plantlife. He turned around and held his golden sword in hand, a less than happy expression on his face.

“My child… grown and leaving the nest.”

“I’m not a gryphon father.” Symdus smiled and Seruas laughed.

“Very funny.” Seruas thumbed over the blade he held and looked at it as if remembering a distant memory.

“This was given to me by my Father. He said it was is bathed in the golden pools of The Nadi River during the Summerset year. The whole river not far from the city turns gold and anything you push inside it will turn gold as well. It is a beautiful sight. I’ve never seen it but I dream of it quite often. Gold has been on my mind for years. Surely you can guess why.” Symdus nodded and looked at the sword. It had several scratches in it showing years of use and combat but it still held it polished gleam and looked as if it would pierce through the greatest of armor.

“A Goddess gifted him this to prove to the people he was indeed the best person for the job of ruling the land and it’s people. After that he gave it to me and in turn I now give it to you.” Symdus slowly reached for the weapon and when he touched it, it was as if years he could still hear the cries of war and see the battles that were fought with it. It gave him a strong sense of pride.

“Thank you Father,” Symdus said sheathing the blade. Seruas smiled and hugged his son with great strength.

“My son. Hard to imagine that not long ago you were running around with your sister getting into trouble.” Symdus chuckled and Seruas released his son.

“I remember she accidentally mixed one of Nis’ potions and set her room on fire.” Seruas chuckled. There may have been a fire but when she went to her father, she had the biggest smile on her face that he couldn’t help but laugh at. Nakia was livid but Seruas was rather happy with his daughter.

“Feels like just yesterday that happened…” Seruas sighed. “Is there anyway I can convince you not to go?” Symdus shook his head.

“I have to do this so I am going to do this.”Seruas didn’t like it but nodded his head.

“I remember once I told your mother that I wouldn’t let anything happen to you. Come back to us in one piece son. Whole. Beating heart. Blood flowing through your veins.” Seruas grabbed his son’s face and looked him right in the eyes, not shifting focus for a second. Neither person even blinked before Seruas backed off and smiled.

“I promise I will return father. You have my word.” Seruas chuckled before leaving the gardens.

“Promises like that are very hard to keep but I trust you.” And that was that. Symdus lef the garden as well, walking to the stables of the palace and saw a Nekal beast held at the reigns by Maja and Mana who waited for him patiently.

“Was wondering when you’d show up,” Maja said smiled before walking up and putting her arm around her brother. Mana smiled and hugged him before realizing was wearing armor.

“Yes I am wearing armor. Gotta be prepared for this stuff. Don’t know how dangerous it would be.”

“I would totally help you if I knew what it was you were doing but no. You had to tell the only mute person in our family.” Mana punched Maja’s arm earning a groan of pain from the elder sister before Nis walked into the stables. A man clad in Red like her own robes joined her and he wore a hood that completely covered his face giving a mysterious vibe but Symdus saw more good in him than his sisters did.

“Who’s the creepy guy,” Maja whispered to Mana.

“The creepy guy has a name if you’d only cared to ask,” the man said loudly. Maja was shocked this person knew the Jerrik tongue and immediately closed her mouth.

“My name is Kanal. I am of the Khamsin race, a race of shapeshifters and nomads. Nis informed me of your expedition, King Symdus and she has asked me to guide you through the Jerrik sands.” He bowed respectfully and Symdus bowed in return.

“Figures,” Maja said quietly. “Boys get all the respect. I mean aren’t we still of royal blood?” Mana swatted her sister backside with her tail making Maja bark in shock before growling at her younger sister who did her best to hide her laughter. Symdus laughed slightly himself but then returned his attention to the guide.

“Thank you Kanal. I will need all the help I can get on this trip.” The guide nodded and had leapt onto his own Nekal beast and was prepared to leave. Maja and Mana hugged Symdus one last time before Nis came in and handed him a small bag.

“This bag is different from so many other. It is a bottomless bag, capable of holding anything you can force inside it. From gold to weapons to armor to even some creatures. I’ve done it before. Symdus’ eyes widened.

“This…… could prove useful,” he said smiling. “Thank you Nis.” She went for a handshake but was instead met with a hug which she didn’t see coming. Symdus laughed and hugged her tighter and the human woman hugged him back.

“Alright ya big fluffball. It’s time for you to head on. Shan’t keep your guide waiting.” Symdus released her and hopped onto his Nekal beast and rode it out of the stables, his sister waving goodbye as he walked through the city streets. Everyone looked at him with eyes of joy and bewilderment at the same time. The new King was going to do something for them. He may be leaving now but he will be back and all will be perfect. As he walked through the streets, he saw in one of the windows of the homes was Amisi who stood there smiling. She looked right at him and only him as if he was the only person in existence. She blew him a kiss and he did the same to her before mouthing the words, “I’ll be back home soon”. She couldn’t help but tear up. The gates to the city opened up and many people cheered for Symdus as he had walked out the gate on his beast.

“They care an awful lot about you. I can see why you want to do this.” Symdus looked back at them and when the gates to his city closed, he sighed both in sorrow and in pride. He had left his home… He had left his home behind.

“Yeah.” was all he could muster.
The Golden Son Chapter 2
Continuation of the last story and this one is the shortest of them all. Symdus prepares for his journey and everyone says one final thing before he leaves. Hope all who read it enjoy!
Well...... the time has come. I suppose I should talk now about all the things of 2016 I will miss. All the things I enjoyed that I wish would stick around. Talk about the sorrowful things that have encompassed the world and taken over my emotions... well I'm not going to. Despite the fact the common consensus about 2016 is bad, I'm choosing to remember the year in a more positive light because at least I am around to see its end.

I started my Senior year and saw several friends of mine go off into the wide world of adulthood and make of their lives whatever they wanted. I saw my sister for the first time in a long while and got to chill with her watching Suicide Squad for the third time and just enjoying the time with her. I got to speak in a giant debate at school and actually felt like my voice was being heard. I celebrated my best friend Alex's birthday and enjoyed the time we spent as pals. Our bowling team is done and we are moving on to better things. Where the road goes for him I have no idea but I pray it is good. I was introduced to the amazing Persona series that stole my heart several times and continues to do so with that delay to April. I celebrated my 17th birthday on March 4th and went with my girlfriend to see my favorite movie ever Zootopia. Such a good movie. I spent the summer traveling the country with my parents and had a magnificent experience going to Mt.Rushmore, Also Niagra Falls, almost getting stuck in Canada, going to New York, traveling down to Louisiana to visit family, going to California to visit more family, almost burning because of the intense heat and finally coming back home to the cool land of Seattle. I wrote several stories I am proud of and posted them to this very site and gained new followers. Thanks by the way. I finally got a chance to understand what goes into a Presidential election and all the rules that apply to it. Knowledge is always a plus. I hung out with my friend Cheng-Hua for her birthday and saw her subsequently get ingrossed in several new mobile games from Miitomo to A horse app of some kind to a Cat App she loves to play with and Pokémon Go. I've laughed with her and many of my other friends with the new anime's she is always watching and the always funny Jojo's bizarre adventure. I've helped hurt friends feel better, been a shoulder to cry on for others, a calm person to talk to and fun to be around. At least I hope I'm fun to be around. I've also celebrated a marvelous 5 year anniversary with my beloved girlfriend whom I call Ember who is the inspiration for everything I do. I celebrated her birthday with her, had all kinds of lovers spats and emotional moments with her and whatnot but we have stayed strong for five years and are only growing stronger. I celebrated my sisters birthday, stood up to my parents and made several bold decisions for my future and lulling through a massive emotional depression that has been consuming my very being since last year.(That was dramatic. Sorry.)It has been a very trying year but my will is made out of material denser than concrete and I have pushed myself through so much this year that it's time to rest and prepare for another year of emotional joy and trauma. Of pain and happiness. Smiles and frowns. To all my friends, whether you read this or not, to all known friends and friends yet to be made, y'all are the best friends a guy like me can ask for. To my amazing girlfriend, thank you for putting up with all my bull and sticking with me for five years. Five years! That's crazy. To my family out there, stay safe and I love y'all to death. To my watchers thank you for everything y'all have done. Simply choosing to watch me means you like what I post and look forward to seeing more and I hope I don't dissappoint.

Ladies and Gentlmen... 2016 is over. Don't spend the last minutes of the year thinking about negative things. This is a time best spent with family or friends or if you are alone, think of something positive to get you going through the next year. 2016 is over. Just get that through your head. You have survived 365 days. 365! I for one am happy to have made it this far because I know there are some who sadly couldn't make it across the finish line with me. But like I said. Do not spend the last minutes of this year with negative thoughts. This year is done. Leave them behind and look to the future. 2017 is so close people. Get your swords and shields, grab some armor and hold your heads high. 2017... Here we come.


Lance Sterling III
United States
I am a writer and love to do it too. If you should know anything about me, know that I am an intense fan of mythology of all kinds but mostly Greek myth. I love fantasy stories and tales and love video games.


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